Internet Providing

With our professional installation service and professional devices, you get a strong, consistent internet service. Enjoy download speeds up to 1000 Mbps via leased line.


Network Services

Network service provides data storage, manipulation, presentation, communication or other capability which is often implemented using a client-server or peer-to-peer architecture based on application layer network protocols.



All of our technicians and engineers are fully educated and have a lot of experience in installation, maintenance and fixing. We fully back the quality and warranty on the manufacturers materials, devices and our job.


IT Support

We offer technical support 24/7 and IT service in different spheres. Technical support may be delivered by the different technologies depending on the situation and requirement.


IT Planning

Network Planning includes traffic forecasting and capacity planning to balance network investments and network performance and you will set the parameters for your network architecture, so it fulfills your business plan in terms of capacity, cost and quality of service.


Sale of Materials

We sell and install fiber optical materials and equipment for every corporate or commercial needs. All types of cables, active and passive devices and any solution according your requirements.



Software can be a tricky field. In many cases, your program may be recording sensitive personal information.Plenty of recognized security software brands offer strong ways to keep your business safe. We will help you in licensing and further support.


System integration

We offer systems integration solutions and services for custom applications, service oriented architecture projects, application development, and system analysis and validation.